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Horror Story #1: a scammer locksmith try's to steal a client from JT's Keys & Locks

At JT's Keys & Locks, we want everyone to know that there is a major influx of fraudulent locksmith's in Arizona. It is important you bookmark this website or save our number in your phone for future reference. It is also important that you tell everyone about JT's Keys & Locks, so friends and family don't fall victim to these fraudulent locksmith's.

Below (and we are going to continue updating this page) are first-hand accounts of tragic stories that had to do with fraudulent locksmiths:

JT's Keys & Locks received a phone call from a customer who was in need of our services. The customer explained that she called two other locksmiths before calling JT's Keys & Locks. The two locksmiths she called were a 'Locksmith Call Center' and '24/7 Locksmith', both wanting to charge between $100 and $150 to unlock the house. (JT's Keys & Locks charges $40 in the city of Maricopa.) The customer decided to use us instead of the other “locksmiths” and said she was going to call them to terminate services.

As we pulled up to the home, to our surprise, we found a man who must have convinced the customer that they were JT's Keys & Locks. We asked the customer, "Who is this guy?" To her surprise, she thought they were JT's Keys & Locks. We confronted the '24/7 Locksmith' and asked "Why are you drilling into the lock?" The man replied, 'I am drilling in to it because it is a high security lock, by the way do you have a lock, because I don’t...' (The lock was not a high security lock.)

The '24/7 Locksmith' drilled holes in to the lock for no reason, and then wanted to charge the customer $100 without installation of a new lock. After the customer stood her ground and demanded the '24/7 Locksmith' to leave, JT's Keys & Locks got to work fixing the door. After removing the damaged hardware and installing a new lock, re-keying it to the customers key and programming customers new garage door remote, the customer left paying less than $80.   In conclusion, please always ask if they are Licensed, Bonded, and/ or Insured. Also don’t hesitate to ask for a business card to prove what company you have at your door.

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Please beware of fraudulent locksmiths. If you call 602.369.1553 or 520.303.0122 and ask for JT's Keys & Locks and someone else arrives and they don't have our logo on their shirt, business card or invoice... it is an imposter and you should call 9-11 immediately.