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Effective Low Tech Security Solutions

Make Your Home More Secure For Your Family

JT's Keys & Locks is going to show you how to make your home more secure with these simple do it yourself low tech security ideas and items. Nothing says "you can't rob my home" more than a resistant-at-all-points-of-entry home.

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Follow These Simple Steps to Optimize Your Home Security:

  • Upgrade and optimize your locks (call JT's Keys & Locks: 602.369.1553 or 520.303.0122)
  • Never leave a note on the door
  • If you are going to be gone from the house let your neighbors know
  • Leave a light on inside your home when you are away
  • When you are not home make sure there is noise going on in the background (keep tv or radio on or get a dog)
  • Keep your doors and windows locked - make sure to check all doors (most homes keep the garage door unlocked)
  • Do not give anyone the opportunity to look in to your home - or make it very difficult (add window shades, etc...)
  • Make sure your landscape is open - do not give a burglar a place to hide (keep bushes cut low and away from windows)
  • Set up a "noise trap" near points of entry (example: park your bikes by the garage door, etc...)
  • Secure your windows (click here to learn how to secure your windows)
  • "Premises are being monitored and filmed" warning sign
  • "Beware of dog" warning sign
  • "Owner has a gun" warning sign
  • Get an affordable security system (security systems for as low as $250 and no monthly payments!)

Learn more about home security tips like how to keep burglars away, simple ways to secure windows, teaching kids stranger danger and why you should get a dog.

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