Safety Tip 201: How To Secure Your Windows

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How To Secure Your Windows

First of all, JT's Keys & Locks offers a free safety diagnosis to ensure that your locks are secure. For a free safety diagnosis please call: 602.369.1553 or 520.303.0122

    Please Follow the Simple Steps Below To Secure Your Windows:

  • Put a piece of wood in between where your window closes and slides open. The only way for a burglar to break in to your window is to shatter it open and remove the piece of wood.
  • Add security film on your window to delay the burglar from shattering your window open.
  • Add a "beware alarm will go off" "beware of dog" or "owner has a shotgun" warning on your window to deter burglars from opening your window
  • Put an alarm on your window. An alarm are magnet's that once tampered with will make a loud noise
  • Never leave ladders in sight... Intruders will see that the most vulnerable area of your home is where you are conducting home improvement projects.
  • Just in Case... Have Something Handy in Your Home to Defend Yourself
  • Call Now For a FREE Safety Diagnosis: 602.369.1553 or 520.303.0122

Please beware of fraudulent locksmiths. If you call 602.369.1553 or 520.303.0122 and ask for JT's Keys & Locks and someone else arrives and they don't have our logo on their shirt, business card or invoice... it is an imposter and you should call 9-11 immediately.

Watch the important video below! Only you can end predator locksmith abuse:

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